wow.  its strange how ‘energy’ comes back and hits you straight away.

these things are comparable to karma

i treated my friend to a hot chocolate, no big deal.  i paid with a tenner and got 3 dollars back.

as soon as i said bye to my friend and we went in opposite directions i spotted a 10 dollar note lying folded right in front of me.

this happened on one of those pavements where people keep moving, no one stands still.  they just don’t.  everyone on this pavement has a place to go, somewhere to be.

i crouched down and picked up the 10 dollar, chucked it in my bag and kept moving.

i couldn’t shake that this event was related to my small act of generosity.

i was walking down swanston st in melbourne and i saw john krasinki (Jim from the American Office) sitting outside starbucks.

how funny!

i’m surprised he chose starbucks.

anyway i was discreet and let him be.  he looked all rugged up and was with a female.

i’m 100% sure it was HIM

i was so super excited because i adore his character on the show, and it is a rare one that makes me laugh out loud.

the last episode on season 6 was perfect - one of those tv moments that makes you feel so damn good to be alive!

it was such a rush to see him there, and so very odd.

a man (late 20s/30s) twirling his curly hair around his fingers.  he had his head down so all i could see was his scalp and the horizontal line of his glasses.

a mother sitting with her daughter.  they were spanish or came from a spanish-speaking country. the mother untwirled an oreo and ate the non-creamed filled piece first. then chomped on the cream filled one. i was waiting for her to eat the cream seperately but she didn’t.
daughter took out a tacky looking disco top and her mother gave a genuine smile, she seemed so proud of her daughter.  i think it was a new purchase.  even though i didn’t like the top i felt happy for them.

a free public lecture at uni titled “shaking hands with a serial killer”

it was so interesting

serial killers in australia = 16

united states=145

united kingdom=43

there was a man who set a goal for himself = 1 murder per chess board space
he killed 63 (1 short) before he was captured. disturbing.

this was such an insightful lecture.

a man named David Winter gave the talk

another - cheers, here’s to hoping it lasts!


another -
cheers, here’s to hoping it lasts!

a dream, a dreamthis person has empowered me so muchin ten minutes, a tipping pointwithout any mutual communicationoh, the world!


a dream, a dream
this person has empowered me so much
in ten minutes, a tipping point
without any mutual communication
oh, the world!



*Ms. Marshall,you do have magical powers


Ms. Marshall,
you do have magical powers

*this has always been my favourite diane arbus photo

this has always been my favourite diane arbus photo

*those rings and the sparkling dress


those rings and the sparkling dress